Quick Reviews

Amalaya Blanco de Corte – Argentina – 2017

Fantastic white blend of Torrontes and Riesling with a surprising perfumy nose and bright apples coming through in the glass. You’d swear there was a bit of Chenin Blanc in here. Off dry. Paired well with a spicy chicken dish. Came very close to a five-star rating.

Tres 14 Tinto de Garage – Argentina – 2011

First wine reviewed for 2019! Despite the label, let’s get this straight: this is not a garage wine in the traditional Bordeaux sense. It’s mass produced for one. Having said that, it’s a fine malbec, if somewhat overhyped for a standard grade offering. Notes of strong dark fruit but tannic out of the bottle if not allowed time to rest. With time the glass opens up to reveal blackcurrant, black pepper and graphite. It’s nice but not at the level of many of the breathless reviews.

San Leonardo Perfecto Amor – NV – Peru

Yet another sweet Peruvian wine made from the local Concord table grape cousin, Borgoña. Like most of these wines from Peru, they have a nose of horse stable which can — and usually is — off-putting. The flavor of the San Leonardo Perfecto Amor is better than most, almost like a low alcohol port. Very sweet, closing in on cloying, but only by a hair. Was popular with locals during a large party. Caution: the “Perfecto Amor” name is popular with these local wines in Peru, so look for the San Leonardo label.

Clos du Gaimont Vouvray – France – 2016

This chenin blanc falls short, lacking typical flowers and generally sitting mildly in the glass; some notes of generic fruit, but you’d be hard-pressed to determine which, since they are so fleeting. Fell flat when paired with soppressata.

Von Winning “Winning” Riesling – Germany – 2016

Remarkably different from its Mosel brothers, this Pfalz region German reez has far less apple and far more tart, fresh pear; imagine biting into one fresh off the tree. Very mild nose, but moderately potent flavors hit the tongue; a floral finish lasts and lasts. Paired well with a mild Spanish goat cheese plate.

Sokol Blosser Evolution “E” White – Oregon – 2016

White grape blend of chardonnay, pinot grigio, gewurtz, muller-thurgau and more, the nose is perfumy and the overall flavors light and refreshing. Chardonnay dominates, but there’s no oak here. Peach and pear, perhaps. Drinks quickly, but you may forget it afterwards. Still, very nice.

Château du Cros Fleur de Cros Loupiac – France – 2013

Dessert blend of semillon and sauvignon blanc renders as a peach-nosed, only-semi-sweet offering with honey as the dominant note. Despite the honey, it’s not syrupy; there’s no raisin here, either, thankfully. Honey was a bit too much like cough drops for me, but others liked it; slightly bitter finish lopped off half a star.

Ruffino Aziano Chianti Classico – Italy – 2014

Some very bright fruit but without much sugar, as this is fairly dry. Moderate tannins typical of the breed. Powerful nose of cherry. Paired well with veal parmigiana. I am only so-so on Chianti in general, but this was very nice.