Quick Reviews

Canvasback Cabernet Sauvignon – Washington – 2015

Silky smooth cab, heavy on fruit but sufficiently dry to avoid an insult of jamminess. Blackberry is dominant and carries through to the nose, notes of fresh leather add some bookish kick. Finish is long if subtle. From the Red Mountain region of Columbia Valley WA. Long form review coming.

Piattelli Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve – Argentina – 2017

Licorice dominated for me, so much so that it nudged down a half star since I’m not a fan of licorice. Blackberry is strong, but middling tannins and some unevenness suggest this either needs more time or possibly should sit open in the glass a good hour before drinking. Also, licorice!

Oliver Soft White – Indiana – NV

Very sweet wine wrongly marketed by the maker as “semi.” Equally dubious is their refusal to name the grapes and instead just call them “Niagara,” making me suspect it’s concord. The wine definitely tastes suspiciously close to concord but there’s so much sugar here it could be masticated twinkies. If this was better produced it might make a good, cheap ice wine, but alas it’s not. Not recommended. Sold in an Indiana airport, so….

Imagery Sauvignon Blanc – California – 2017

Flower power baby! A surprisingly floral SB with little of the usual notes other than some mildly citric pink grapefruit. No asparagus or cat pee here, this leans into a chenin blanc territory but with some hints of minerality. Would be a great choice to win back anyone who thinks they hate sauvignon blanc’s more aggressive flavors.

Allegrini Valpolicella – Italy – 2018

Cherry cherry and more cherry, you’d be excused if you were afraid of swallowing a pit. Back end suffers from a bit of bittermess that subtracts a full point. Moderate tannins. Paired well with meat dish, though.

Amapola Creek Cuvee Alis – Sonoma – 2013

Nose was a but chemical like burnt plastic which carried through to the glass. Smooth tannins, hints of coffee and black cherry. Wilted when paired with goat cheese plate. I don’t like burnt plastic, apparently.

Chappellet Cervantes Mountain Cuvée – Napa – 2016

Long-legged and rich, like the 6-foot tall daughter of a shipping magnate. The primary flavor here is plum, but not sweet. Some black coffee in there too. Highly recommended. Grapes are Petit Verdot, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Petite Sirah.