Quick Reviews

Winery On Creations “Demuerte” Gold – Spain – 2018

These kids and their fancy shoes and ironic t-shirts. If this is an experiment to show the overlooked Yecla region of Spain can produce good wines, it’s a success. Nose is oak, smoke and black pepper, but tongue adds light black cherry. Tannins are smooth, acidity light, but the finish and weight are slim. This is a blend of monastrell, syrah and garnache tintora. Nice smoky flavor adds intrigue, but might not stand up to a powerful food pairing. BBQ chicken or traditional hamburger will work well.

Mosquita Muerta “Cordero Con Piel de Lobo” Malbec – Argentina – 2020

Baa is worse than the bite. I think this winery is trying too hard. Between its name (“Dead Fly”) and this wine’s label (“Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing”), we get it: they’re edgy. Too bad the wine isn’t great. This is a bit over acidic, and a little flat. Notes of tobacco and chocolate disappear quickly, leaving behind an overtart black cherry note. Pair this with food, as it’s too bracing on its own. Ironically, it paired nice with carnero (mutton).

Vino Moscato Muscat de Alejandria Dulce – Peru – 2022

Someone is reselling the Methodist communion bottles. I’m assuming this is 2022. The wines don’t have vintages, but the label does have a batch date code. Sweet as usual, and if you approach it that way, it’s fine. Main flavor note is white grape juice. Mild acidity adds a little more sophistication, but not much. Actually gets WORSE if you pair with food. Nevertheless this is popular in Peru. Grape is Moscatel de Alexandria.

Vigneti Radica Montepulciano d’Abruzzo – Italy – 2020

Wait, WTF? Bought this in a South American supermarket for the equivalent of about $4. The buy was supposed to be a joke, as I assumed the wine would be terrible. It’s not. Surprising balance, smooth tannins, and nice finish. Notes are graphite, black cherry. Dry, but not overly so. Paired very well with paprika pork dish. I’m shocked.

Viña Vieja Chenin Blanc – Peru – 2020

Que kawaii! This is a review of the regular Chenin Blanc label (not the “semi-seco” one). Bright green apple but not over acidic, makes it very drinkable. Less sugar than earlier years suggests the producer struggles with consistency. But given that it comes from one of the driest places on the planet its shocking they can grow a grape at all.

Bodegas Vilano Roble – Spain – 2019

Don Quixote but a High School version. Standard fare tempranillo from Spain, notes of black cherry with very (very) mild oak. A bit too acidic, shaving off a bit of score. Pair with food, because it’s a bit severe by itself.

Bodegas y Viñedos El Soleado Dandy Dad Petit Verdot – Spain – 2017

Daddy’s speeding. “Dandy Dad” is more like “drunk dad” with that whopping 14.5% alcohol level. Cork was almost starting to go on this bottle, but I opened it in time and the wine was still OK. Nose was corrupted a bit, but taste notes include black pepper, spinach and red fruit. As the wine breathed the vegetable notes grew more potent, but after 30 minutes they dissipated. This wine absolutely needs to breathe or be decanted.