Suicidal diabetic decides to end it all by bathing in maple syrup. Someone took a winery and drowned it in pure, liquid glucose, then fermented the wine in bottles of sugar glass. To be clear this is not the Viña Viejo Chenin Blanc that won a 5-star review previously. This is the “semi seco” label variant, and is drastically inferior. Understand that in Perú “semi seco” is used to refer to wines that in any other country are cloying. I mean icewine level of sweetness. This is because the overall Peruvian palate loathes dry wine, and they measure the starting point somewhere near maple syrup and bags of ground stevia. This Chenin Blanc is simply too sweet, too cloying. Disappointing, and to be avoided unless you know what you’re getting into. Pair with twinkies.